A simple output which prints to the STDOUT of the shell running BitFan. This output can be quite convenient when debugging plugin configurations, by allowing instant access to the event data after it has passed through the inputs and filters.

For example, the following output configuration, in conjunction with the BitFan -e command-line flag, will allow you to see the results of your event pipeline for quick iteration.

output {
  stdout {}

Useful codecs include:

pp: outputs event data using the go “k0kubun/pp” package if codec is rubydebug, it will treated as “pp”

output {
  stdout { codec => pp }

json: outputs event data in structured JSON format

output {
  stdout { codec => json }


stdout {

Available settings

Setting Type Info Default value
codec codec "json", "line", "pp" or "rubydebug" "line"



  • Value type is codec
  • Possible values : "json", "line", "pp" or "rubydebug"
  • Default value is "line"
  • Codec can be one of “json”, “line”, “pp” or “rubydebug”

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