Listen and read a http request to build events with it.

Processor respond with a HTTP code as :

Use codecs to process body content as json / csv / lines / json lines / ….

URL is available as http://webhookhost/pluginLabel/URI


httpserver {

Available settings

Setting Type Info Default value
codec codec "plain"
uri string "events"
headers hash {}
body array ["uuid"]

Common Options



  • Value type is codec
  • Default value is "plain"
  • The codec used for input data. Input codecs are a convenient method for decoding your data before it enters the input, without needing a separate filter in your bitfan pipeline

    Default decode http request as plain data, response is json encoded. Set multiple codec with role to customize


  • Value type is string
  • Default value is "events"
  • URI path


  • Value type is hash
  • Default value is {}
  • Headers to send back into each outgoing response @LSExample {“X-Processor” => “bitfan”}


  • Value type is array
  • Default value is ["uuid"]
  • What to send back to client ?

    Full configuration blueprint

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