Execute a command and use its stdout as event data


exec {
    command => ""


Available settings

Setting Type Info Default value
command string required ""
args array []
stdin bool false
target string "stdout"
codec codec "plain"

Common Options



  • This is a required setting
  • Value type is string
  • Default value is ""
  • args

  • Value type is array
  • Default value is []
  • stdin

  • Value type is bool
  • Default value is false
  • Pass the complete event to stdin as a json string


  • Value type is string
  • Default value is "stdout"
  • Where do the output should be stored Set “.” when output is json formated and want to replace current event fields with output response. (useful)


  • Value type is codec
  • Default value is "plain"
  • The codec used for input data. Input codecs are a convenient method for decoding your data before it enters the input, without needing a separate filter in your bitfan pipeline

    Full configuration blueprint

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